shutterstock_144150841Welcome to my Story!  This blog started as a way to process my own feelings about moving to a new country and to share it all with those closest to me.  It was an exciting time and I knew there would be funny stories and scary experiences and sad moments and lessons learned and I wanted to journal it all and to share the experience.  But now the moving part is over and the living part is happening and I realize that my ‘people’ are still wondering how we are doing and why we are doing it.  And I was right – every week I feel excited and scared and sad and I’ve learned lessons that I know you need to learn too!

So thank you for stopping in – whether you are a friend or a stranger, I welcome you into my life experiences and into my heart’s musings.

You can read this blog in a number of ways.  You can click on the Blog link above and read the most recent posts.  You can go to the Follow our Story link below and go to August of 2015 and just start reading from the beginning.  Follow the whole journey as we lived it.  Or you can go to the Categories & Topics list below and jump around to different topics and subjects.  Maybe one day I’ll get around to creating a How To link to share all the things we’ve learned that might help you on your own similar path.   But for now I’m just too busy living my best Mexican life!