About Me

Karen Swanson Nov 12

I am a Canadian expat woman – a mom and wife and Non Profit Executive – who is living a new adventure in Mexico. My husband and I are not ready to retire but we have embarked on a journey of change and growth and service in a country far from home.  This is my story of what it’s like to make the craziest move of my life – and the daily adventure of working in an orphanage in small town Mexico.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. HI Karen, I am a friend of Lorraine Lawrence. I am from Regina and am a retired teacher. I lived in Mexico for almost 7 years. I taught at the American School for 2 years in Vallarta. My ex husband is from Mexico. I am coming to Vallarta for 6 weeks . I will be staying with friends who have a church in Vallarta. I will also be spending some time in Mascota. I would love to meet you and your husband and hear about what you are doing. I have a bit of an idea as I have just read your blog.

    I arrive in Vallarta on the 29 th. Lorraine said you are in Nuevo Vallarta. What is the name of the orphanage ? How might I find you?

    Looking forward to meeting you soon.

    Debi Nieblas

  2. I saw your post about what is happening in your area. How can I etransfer some funds to you to purchase food for those in need?

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