Heading North


Can’t say I’m thrilled to leave the perfect Banderas Bay weather to head into the snowy north, but we have stuff to do and need to spend a few days in Canada.  In a week or so, we’ll hitch our load of personal belongings to the back of the Dodge Ram and drive home.  We need to have our truck at the Mexican border by Mar 25 so we have no time to drag our feet.

I’m sad to leave the kids behind – we had a teary goodbye from some, Natalie just glared and refused to say goodbye at all – but there are things we’re excited to do over these next few days.  Seeing friends and family is obvious – that goes without saying and will take a big chunk of our time.  What are the other things that we’ve been missing and need to squeeze in:

  • A Medium Timmie’s with one cream two sugar and a breakfast bagelTims
  • A movie without subtitles or dubbing and a giant popcorn
  • A steak – the Keg or maybe Applebees
  • Viet Thai – oh I so miss Viet Thai
  • Browsing in Chapters with a Starbucks Vente Skinny Cinnamon Dolce with extra shot of espresso and no whip
  • Watching at least one episode of Home Hunters International and maybe a Dr. Phil
  • A shopping trip for running shoes and underwear and meds and hair clips and proper yellow file folders
  • Church at Bloom with my bloomin friends
  • BATHS! A lot of bubble baths
  • Perogies – I need to find me some perogies
  • Laundry that gets washed AND dried
  • Western or Houston Pizza and maybe a Greek salad
  • Putting on makeup knowing that it will still be on my face in an hour
  • I would say driving on roads without potholes, but well I’m going to Saskatchewan in the spring

The list of what I’ll miss it way too long so I’m not going to think about it.  I’m nervous about having to follow traffic rules, about having to park on the correct side of the street, about having to pay more than $3 for a meal.   It’s just really good to know that Bucerias now feels like home, and the trip we’re about to take feels like ‘vacation’ or ‘business’.  I always wondered if that could happen – if a person who had more life behind than ahead could relocate so drastically and make a new home.  It can!

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