A Wedding on our Street

It’s been a while since I have written a blog post and this week, I was challenged by a few different people about that.  Some were friends.  Some were strangers who have been reading.  What happened to us?  What happened to our story?  And I realized that we have settled into our life here andContinue reading “A Wedding on our Street”

For Everything, There is a Season

I have had many people tell me the main reason they couldn’t live in a southern location like Mexico is because they would miss the changing of the seasons.  I know what they mean.  The crocuses and tulips popping through the ground in spring after the many months of cold.  The hot days and nightsContinue reading “For Everything, There is a Season”

Maybe our Worst Trip Yet!

It wouldn’t be the first time a road trip between Mexico and Canada clobbered us with challenges and frustrations, but our recent trip last week might top them all. We knew we would need to take our truck and trailer back to Canada within the next 2 years – our truck was not the correctContinue reading “Maybe our Worst Trip Yet!”

Gael’s Gets His Surgery

Most of you now know the results of our long-awaited trip to Guadalajara for the Cochlear Implant surgery for Gael. It was the day we had been working towards since late last fall when we first took Gael to a doctor to find out just what was possible for him. Since then there have beenContinue reading “Gael’s Gets His Surgery”

A Big Final Step for Britani

Two steps forward.  One step back. ALWAYS!  If we think we have something completed, well we don’t.  It’s just the way it is and we are learning what it means to be persistent and stubborn and patient.  Last November I told you about Britani who was in the process of getting her birth certificate whichContinue reading “A Big Final Step for Britani”

A Long Awaited Christmas Gift for Pricila

You know well the story of our little weekend girls who have not been able to attend school because they have never been registered with the Mexican registry.  In Mexico the rule is “No birth certificate = No school.”   In Canada, that process happens in the hospital when our children are born – it isContinue reading “A Long Awaited Christmas Gift for Pricila”

Happy 99th Birthday!

Happy 99th Birthday Puerto Vallarta!  One of the things I love best about my new country is it’s love of parties.  Mexico really loves to celebrate, and although I look around and see a lot of problems, I also see a lot of singing and dancing and joy.  Any excuse to turn up the musicContinue reading “Happy 99th Birthday!”

A Crappy Week? Or a Great Week?

No point lying – this week was difficult, with more bad situations than good.  Or at least that is how I felt at first.  Bad things always take more of our attention, more of our energy, more of our focus. If we’re not careful they will settle in our hearts and become larger than theyContinue reading “A Crappy Week? Or a Great Week?”

Who Follows Signs Anyway?

One of the things we love about Mexico is the more relaxed and fluid attitude about almost everything.  Except for driving, things just move slower here and matter less.  Manana is real.  Sometimes that can drive us crazy.  Our insurance agent told me three times in the past 2 weeks that she will call meContinue reading “Who Follows Signs Anyway?”

A Very Long Trip

No point lying.  It was not an easy trip from Nogales down to Bucerias.  It was really long – and pulling a 32 foot red box full of heavy stuff for over 5000 km is bound to come with challenges.  We were pleased to cross the border with relatively few problems, but that left usContinue reading “A Very Long Trip”