2 Mamas, 2 Boys, 2 Showers

I have been to 2 Baby Showers in the last month.  I love both of these mamas – they represent totally different parts of my life here and I am excited to welcome both of the little boys that will be arriving any time.  The showers – and the life stories of these moms – were completely different and yet surprisingly alike.

18157921_10212893575482317_2120895677132309211_n - Copy2Marthita and her husband Gregory are pastors at the church we attend – they are some of the first friends we made here and their children Elly and Gady are excited to welcome a new baby brother.  This baby was not easy to create and he was so loved and wanted before he even was conceived.  The ladies at the church planned this fun garden party and it was just a beautiful evening with delicious food and baby boy decorations and lots of gifts for little Mateo.

18944632_10154558954506198_354226748_nLast night I attended another shower – this one for sixteen-year-old Ibet who is also about to have another baby boy.  I say ‘another’ because Ibet is also mom to 3-year-old Kevin.   The first thing that struck me is that we played all the same games as we had played at Marthita’s shower.  I guess these are traditions.  Considering I was the only English speaker at this shower, it was a relief that I kind of understood what was going on as they were wrapping toilet paper all over Ibet, writing on her face with lipstick and taking away nametags whenever anyone crossed their legs.  They had done all the same things to Marthita at her shower.  Although I had pretty halting conversations with the other young moms and their children, we laughed a lot and I felt like I was welcome, although maybe not totally accepted.  I think they weren’t quite sure who the heck I was or what I was doing there – but Ibet had invited me 4 or 5 times and I knew it was important to be there to support her and Kevin and the new little one.   It is not going to be an easy road for this young family and I struggle every day to know how to best help them.  For this week, a few tiny blue clothes and a stroller which will double as his crib is what my heart told me they needed.  I could be wrong.  I just hope they know they are loved and can accept that they are deserving of that love.

A few more weeks – 2 more little boys in our world to love.