For Everything, There is a Season

I have had many people tell me the main reason they couldn’t live in a southern location like Mexico is because they would miss the changing of the seasons.  I know what they mean.  The crocuses and tulips popping through the ground in spring after the many months of cold.  The hot days and nightsContinue reading “For Everything, There is a Season”

We’re in Business

It was exactly 43 months ago that we found a house to rent and started to move our belongings and our lives south.  It was 28 months ago that we signed the final papers to sell our house and our business and became official residents of Mexico.  Since that time, I have continued to workContinue reading “We’re in Business”

The Staycation Solution

One of the strangest things about moving to your favorite vacation spot is that, well, now it’s your home.   Can it still qualify as your favorite vacation spot?  Because generally vacation is the place you go to get away from home. says vacation is “an act or instance of vacating”.   But why would IContinue reading “The Staycation Solution”

We Made It!

It definitely wasn’t easy but we made it!  With our truck and our trailer and our giant assortment of tools and ladders – we made it.  We had 4 main tasks – to import the: Trailer Truck Tools Ladders We spent weeks researching the process and preparing the documentation and finally made a run forContinue reading “We Made It!”

Our First Week in a New Life

We have been here for 1 week now – and it has been a joyous combination of vacation, family reunion and settling in.  Having our children with us for the start of the adventure makes me feel like this is a place where we can all be happy, where we can gather together from timeContinue reading “Our First Week in a New Life”

Ready for Liftoff

We did it – we survived the last few weeks and we’re sitting at the airport waiting for our flight to be called.  It’s been a crazy ride. Our main task was to get the house we’re building done – it’s our financial plan for this new life.  It came down to the wire –Continue reading “Ready for Liftoff”

A Pig in a Suitcase

The countdown is ticking loudly and I am not as cool and prepared as I thought I would be.  In fact I am having reactions I would never have expected.  My heart has taken over and my brain is allowing it to happen.  I feel a bit betrayed really by my reasonable, practical self whichContinue reading “A Pig in a Suitcase”

Towels and Propane Make a Home

In August we nailed down our home for the upcoming year and I immediately began nesting in my head. I began to dream about how to turn the house into our home. It is a semi-furnished house and although the furniture isn’t exactly my style or favorite color, I’m grateful we don’t have to furnitureContinue reading “Towels and Propane Make a Home”

30 Days and Counting

As we enter the final 30 day countdown to liftoff, I feel a shift in my heart and in my mind.  This is happening.  Soon.  I am sad and I am overwhelmingly happy.  I am nervous and I am increasingly bold.  I want to stay but mostly I want to go.  That is what makesContinue reading “30 Days and Counting”