Good News for Britani!

Good news!  I’ve been telling you the story of the 2 little girls with the missing birth certificates.  In Mexico, children need birth certificates to go to school. Unfortunately, getting one is not free, so often the poorest moms just don’t get it done.  Which means the children who need education the most, may notContinue reading “Good News for Britani!”

A Weekend of sad FUN

Last weekend was fun, scary, hilarious, perplexing, humbling, exhausting and deeply satisfying.    Instead of doing our regular weekly vegetable shopping and house cleaning, we spent the weekend playing Monopoly, making bracelets and trying to braid the hair of the three little girls who stayed with us from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. We are soContinue reading “A Weekend of sad FUN”

Norma and My Lost Computer

I still have no idea how I did it, but somehow, I lost my computer in the Mexico City Airport and did not notice it until I opened my briefcase in my home office in Bucerias.  Either I forgot to pick it up from the security bin (unlikely) or I forgot it in the AeromexicoContinue reading “Norma and My Lost Computer”

Mexican Bureaucracy in Canada OR Lots of Lost Things

I can’t quite believe that even in Canada, Mexican bureaucracy followed me and tortured me this week.  We had a great work/vacation/family time in Canada, but after 2 weeks we were eager to get home to our life in Mexico.  We had commented many times over the weeks how very easy things are in CanadaContinue reading “Mexican Bureaucracy in Canada OR Lots of Lost Things”

One Full Year to Get Some Plates

(Warning – this post is pretty long!  Much like our experience….) 1  year.  1 entire year.  To get Mexican license plates on the trailer we brought down from Canada …. it took 1 full year.    I am happy to report that we now have the Nayarit plates – 2-ND-7586 – but it was a crazyContinue reading “One Full Year to Get Some Plates”

Update – This week’s flyers

You thought I was exaggerating didn’t you?  Here are some pictures of the flyers delivered to our house in the last couple of days: On the truck windshield: On the car windshield right in front of the door: Taped to the garage door – directly beside the front door: Taped directly above the mailbox: StuckContinue reading “Update – This week’s flyers”

A Crappy Week? Or a Great Week?

No point lying – this week was difficult, with more bad situations than good.  Or at least that is how I felt at first.  Bad things always take more of our attention, more of our energy, more of our focus. If we’re not careful they will settle in our hearts and become larger than theyContinue reading “A Crappy Week? Or a Great Week?”

We Made It!

It definitely wasn’t easy but we made it!  With our truck and our trailer and our giant assortment of tools and ladders – we made it.  We had 4 main tasks – to import the: Trailer Truck Tools Ladders We spent weeks researching the process and preparing the documentation and finally made a run forContinue reading “We Made It!”

Not the Best Start….

Well Day 1 was not exactly a success.  At all.  Except that we did make it through the first Custom crossing and are now traveling in the United States.  The Border Guards looked over our list for quite a while and waived us through without even looking in the trailer.   So the thing I wasContinue reading “Not the Best Start….”

Outsmarted by a Cucaracha

I must admit we have been pretty fortunate in the creepy crawly department – we have not had a lot of bugs or spiders bugging us. We spray around the garden and doorways from time to time and have cockroach traps in places where these little guys might try to sneak by us. But theContinue reading “Outsmarted by a Cucaracha”