A Major Purchase & More Bureaucracy

Finally! We made a major purchase, licensed and registered it with the State of Nayarit and it WORKED almost perfectly. You’ll remember that in late July we drove our truck and trailer back to Canada to sell. It wasn’t pretty – the accident, the near arrest, the breakdowns, the late arrival. (Maybe our Worst TripContinue reading “A Major Purchase & More Bureaucracy”

It’s Raining Coconuts

Our poor little Azulita has had a lot of issues from the potholes and speed bumps and curbs in our neighborhood – and today from the skies. Many stories.  Funny, irritating stories.  First the keys lost in the ocean which led to a tow truck to the dealership which led to the smashed windshield whichContinue reading “It’s Raining Coconuts”

One Full Year to Get Some Plates

(Warning – this post is pretty long!  Much like our experience….) 1  year.  1 entire year.  To get Mexican license plates on the trailer we brought down from Canada …. it took 1 full year.    I am happy to report that we now have the Nayarit plates – 2-ND-7586 – but it was a crazyContinue reading “One Full Year to Get Some Plates”

The Road to Fun

Okay this is what I signed up for!  No we didn’t spend the day by a fancy pool in a gated community sipping pina coladas which is what I THOUGHT I was signing up for.  Today we went for a spin around the neighborhood in our finally finished ‘restored’ golf cart.  Over dirt piles, intoContinue reading “The Road to Fun”

The Car Adventure Continues….

22 days – apparently that is what MANANA means to the Volkswagen dealership here in Puerto Vallarta!  And that was after Brandon the Key Guy’s 5 MANANAS.  27 Days to get a new key made to replace the one that is now ½ way to Hawaii. I told you the story of losing the keyContinue reading “The Car Adventure Continues….”

Watch for Traffic!

Traffic is always a bit crazy here but during Christmas month it is even crazier – tourists and shoppers are everywhere.  But ‘traffic’ does not just mean cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, taxis, golf carts, buses.  It also means the animals who we share the roads with.   We arrived at the orphanage on Friday to takeContinue reading “Watch for Traffic!”

Shopping for Wheels

Now that we are basically settled in our rental home, we have decided it is time to move to the next step of grown-up residency – owning wheels. We have been renting cars when we’re here and it’s really ridiculously expensive. We have long been discussing how to approach the car issue. As you allContinue reading “Shopping for Wheels”

Driving in Mexico

Today I woke up tired ….. like I ran some kind of a marathon tired.  But of course I did not run so much as a block so what did I do yesterday that wore me out?  Oh yeah – DRIVING in Mexico.  We have been spending the last few days buying plants and potsContinue reading “Driving in Mexico”