Watch for Traffic!

Traffic is always a bit crazy here but during Christmas month it is even crazier – tourists and shoppers are everywhere.  But ‘traffic’ does not just mean cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, taxis, golf carts, buses.  It also means the animals who we share the roads with.   We arrived at the orphanage on Friday to take Paola shopping at Mega and this is what we saw that morning: (keep in mind – we don’t live in the country!  This was all in town on the way to Mega)

A loose donkey grazing along the road


A traffic jam of horses and a construction lift


Some other horses checking out what was happening in the orphanage – and eating the garbage

Some loose cows having lunch – kinda close when you’re sitting at a light in a convertible!


Not to mention the dogs, cats, lizards, chickens and jugglers! This is definitely a very different world and we love watching for the unexpected as we go about our day.