For Everything, There is a Season

I have had many people tell me the main reason they couldn’t live in a southern location like Mexico is because they would miss the changing of the seasons.  I know what they mean.  The crocuses and tulips popping through the ground in spring after the many months of cold.  The hot days and nightsContinue reading “For Everything, There is a Season”

A Letter to Amy

Cousin Amy is coming to visit for a few days and I’m not happy about it.   Before you call the Family Counseling Services on me, the reason I’m not happy is because we’re not going to be here for most of her visit.  We’re heading to Oaxaca to meet our children for Christmas which meansContinue reading “A Letter to Amy”

Are We Happy?

Recently one of my friends emailed me to question whether we are really happy here.  Whether we are at peace.   Which made me realize that a LOT of my blog posts are about the crazy and difficult things that happen to us here.  Let’s face it – drama makes for better blog reading. But asContinue reading “Are We Happy?”

Sunday is Market Day

Sunday is one of my favorite days.  Many Mexican people work 6 days a week, and since Sunday is their only day off, it is a real family day.  A day for errands and fun and rest and food and shopping.  We have decided it will be the same for us.  Turn off the computersContinue reading “Sunday is Market Day”

Happy Mexican Mother’s Day

No, I’m not early in wishing you a Feliz Dia de La Madre – here in Mexico Mother’s Day is always celebrated on May 10th, no matter what day of the week it is.  Our observation so far is that this day is celebrated with: Flowers Cake While we were at Costco waiting for ourContinue reading “Happy Mexican Mother’s Day”

El Dia de Ninos – Kid’s Day

In Canada, we look forward to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – a day for children to express love for their parents.  Mexico celebrates those days too.  But every April 30th since 1925, Mexico has also celebrated Children’s Day, El Dia de Ninos.  It is a day – a few days actually – where everyoneContinue reading “El Dia de Ninos – Kid’s Day”

Learning a Language

The more time we spend here in Mexico, the more we realize the importance of shared language to build relationships and experience success.  Every day we struggle to explain something we need or want – to express an idea or an emotion.  We are fortunate because there is a lot of English spoken here inContinue reading “Learning a Language”

Raising Some $$$

It has been a whirlwind, but the fundraising season for Manos de Amor is almost over.  In the span of 5 ½ weeks, we have held 3 major events: a Cocktail Party, a Hamburger Fest and last weekend was a GIANT event called Rhythm and Ribs where 1500-2000 people sampled food from almost 30 restaurants,Continue reading “Raising Some $$$”

A Blooming Good Life

I recognize that sometimes I use this blog to complain and grumble about the things that are difficult here (no my windshield has not been repaired yet), or sad (my fingers caressing the many infected cuts on little Kevin’s legs),  or irritating (the barking dogs at night – oh so many barking dogs). But thisContinue reading “A Blooming Good Life”

It’s a Done Deal!

Well this was a VERY GOOD WEEK and I am reminded – embarrassingly so – that life happen as it is meant to happen, in the timing that is best for us, and usually without a lot of my brilliant help.  God has this – and I know that and I let myself worry anyway. Continue reading “It’s a Done Deal!”