It’s a Done Deal!

Well this was a VERY GOOD WEEK and I am reminded – embarrassingly so – that life happen as it is meant to happen, in the timing that is best for us, and usually without a lot of my brilliant help.  God has this – and I know that and I let myself worry anyway.  But this week a lot of stuff came together and I can’t deny that the timing was pretty much perfect on all of it.

We have been negotiating for almost a year to sell Grant’s business and today we received the papers from the lawyer with all the clauses and appendixes and addendums agreed to.  The closing date is January 15th –  it’s a done deal.



We’ve had our house for sale for 5 months – and we’ve been building it for an eternity before that – but this week we accepted an offer and today we received word that the appraisals and financing and conditions were complete.  The closing date is January 9th – it’s a done deal.


And best of all, today we had our interviews at the Mexican Consulate in Calgary.  We’ve been dreaming of this day and researching the process for many months – years really – and today we heard the words we were hoping after we submitted all the forms and photos and bank statements “You’re approved – come back in an hour and pick up your Visa.  You’re officially a Mexican resident”.   It’s a done deal.

I don’t want to frighten you with the real picture…. Meigan says I’m ‘stern’

So basically, within a 24-hour period it all came together – the business and the house and the visa.  What are the odds of that?  It was supernatural and miraculous and humbling and affirming.  We also found out today that just last month the rules in Mexico changed so we can now import our truck, which was deemed too large in the past.  Another problem solved on our behalf just in time.

Of course, this is all bittersweet and our happiness is touched by the finality of it all.  Grant has been operating Vision Enterprises for most of his adult life – it has been good to us and he has been fortunate to have been able to create his own work for all of these years.  Although we have not been in this house long, Grant built every part of it with his heart.  We raised our children right next door.  Except for 2 years, I have lived in this province my entire life.  And then there’s our church, our families, our friends, our people…..

That is how a full life must be.  No new crop can grow unless a seed falls to the ground and dies. I cannot embrace “hello” until I whisper “goodbye”.   Banderas Bay Enterprises can only flourish when Vision Enterprises is gone and I can’t create my home by the ocean until I drive away from my beautiful house in the valley.

So today was a good day and I celebrated by having a full fat latte WITH whipped cream. Crazy right?  Now to finish packing and hit the road in time for a Mexican Christmas with our daughters.  I am ready for the adventure to become more permanent.  It’s finally a done deal!


3 thoughts on “It’s a Done Deal!

  1. God is so good !! I love to read about your life. I can’t wait to come see you and have a shrimp salad at the market with Grant
    !!!!! —–And everyone said I’d get sick-HAH!

  2. I am so glad this has all come together for you and Grant. It has been a challenging road, and you have persevered. A big sigh of relief now, but I understand, the other side also: looking ahead, but reflecting back. Now you can take more time of reflection on the beach as you watch the sun set over the ocean, and think fondly of us freezing our buns off here !

  3. Congratulations on all of it, Karen and Grant. So happy it has worked out. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story…

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