Let’s Go Shopping

A number of you donated money for me to bring to Manos de Amor and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be the messenger who got to deliver your gift.  We had two very specific ideas. First, we wanted to take each sibling group shopping to buy a gift for theContinue reading “Let’s Go Shopping”

Let’s Get this Party Started

It’s been a Christmas kind of week!  We arrived here on Monday night and got right to work celebrating children and Christmas at Manos de Amor. First let me say that our 6 bulging suitcases full of miscellaneous ridiculous and yet vital crap made it through all of the screenings and security and red/green lights.Continue reading “Let’s Get this Party Started”

It’s a Done Deal!

Well this was a VERY GOOD WEEK and I am reminded – embarrassingly so – that life happen as it is meant to happen, in the timing that is best for us, and usually without a lot of my brilliant help.  God has this – and I know that and I let myself worry anyway. Continue reading “It’s a Done Deal!”

Making a Run for the Border

It’s been a LONG time coming but we’re finally on the road with the load of tools that will turn Vision Enterprises – the company my husband has operated for most of our married life – into Banderas Bay Enterprises – the company he will operate for the next part of our story.  It hasContinue reading “Making a Run for the Border”

Not Better….Just Different

Because we have not completely wrapped up the zillions of details of our move south, we are back in Canada for three weeks to finish taxes, finish construction, and finish packing.  There are a lot of ‘finishes’ before you can truly experience new beginnings.  Last year when I met with a Career Coach Warren, he toldContinue reading “Not Better….Just Different”

Crazy Critters

One thing Mexico has is lots of critters – some good, some not so good.  We have met only a very few of them, but I’d like to introduce you to some who have visited us. The Cute Critters As always, Grant attracts all kinds of cute creatures – they just love him.  So we’veContinue reading “Crazy Critters”

Dancing in the Streets

Our family Christmas vacation is officially over!  It is sad to say goodbye- but now we will find out what it is like to live in another country with no family or familiar friends around.  We will have to create a life.  Where do we even begin to establish a daily routine? Yesterday we droveContinue reading “Dancing in the Streets”

Our First Party

Yesterday we had our first house party!  Well it wasn’t much of a party by Mexican standards –  no boom box, no piñata, no fireworks – but we did have guests at our house.  They were little, but still they were guests.   I’ve told you about the family from the small town of SanContinue reading “Our First Party”

A First Christmas

I am sitting in my yard listening to 2 or 3 different types of music wrestle with one another before wafting over my wall – neighbors are clapping and singing along and I really just have to laugh.  In Canada the police would have been called long ago – here it is a typical SundayContinue reading “A First Christmas”

Ready for Liftoff

We did it – we survived the last few weeks and we’re sitting at the airport waiting for our flight to be called.  It’s been a crazy ride. Our main task was to get the house we’re building done – it’s our financial plan for this new life.  It came down to the wire –Continue reading “Ready for Liftoff”