El Dia de los Reyes

On Friday we went with the children to the last fiesta of the Christmas season.  Here in Mexico, January 6th is known as El Dia De Los Reyes (3 Kings Day).  It is the last of the 12 days of Christmas and symbolizes the three Kings who found Baby Jesus.  This is a day of family gatherings, parades, gifts and the special bread called Rosca de Reyes.  The children of Manos de Amor were invited to a party at the La Cruz Yacht Club, sponsored by the mostly tourists who sail in the Bay and live on their beautiful boats.    It was a fun party with lots of games and crafts and hot dogs and a gift for each child.

20170106_133016One of the highlights was the cutting of the Rosca.  The bread (it reminds me of Easter Bread) is a sweet bread shaped in a circle to represent the crowns of the Kings.  It is covered with candied fruit.  Hidden inside the bread are little plastic dolls – baby Jesus.   The tradition is that whoever finds the baby must host a Tamale party on Feb 2nd.  For these children, the promise is whoever finds the dolls gets as many tamales as they want on Feb 2nd.    It reminded me of when we hid money in our birthday cakes when I was young – what kid doesn’t love a fun choking hazard treasure hunt?   And the best part???  I got a Baby Jesus!  So I think that means I have to host a Tamale party.





















That brings to an end Christmas 2016.  Like all children, these ones have been loaded with candy and spoiled with gifts.  I have no idea if they understand that it was the generosity of total strangers that gave them the Christmas that most other children get from their parents.   I don’t know how their parents feel either.  It is something I wrestle with all the time – how can we help without hurting?  I don’t have the answer and so for now I just trust my heart and give what feels right.  Thank you to those who donated money and time and gifts to make Christmas special for these sweet children.   I trust that you will reap the blessings of spirit that come from sharing your heart.  Oh, and I guess you’re invited to my place for tamales on February 2nd!

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