Christmas in Oaxaca

For most of us, Christmas is unbreakably tied to long-standing,  comfort-creating traditions.  Activities, foods, songs, people, decorations, even smells – we find comfort in these familiar symbols of childhood, family, fun and belonging.  Like no other time of the year, change is unwelcome.  We cling to sentimental reminders of the times we felt the mostContinue reading “Christmas in Oaxaca”

An Uncertain Christmas

Generally, I like change.  I like when surprises sneak up on me.  I like when things are new, unexpected, adventurous, unknown.  You can’t move to Mexico and expect things to look even remotely familiar.  But Christmas is different.  Christmas is about tradition, about recreating memories, about things staying the same.  And for that – wellContinue reading “An Uncertain Christmas”

El Dia de los Reyes

On Friday we went with the children to the last fiesta of the Christmas season.  Here in Mexico, January 6th is known as El Dia De Los Reyes (3 Kings Day).  It is the last of the 12 days of Christmas and symbolizes the three Kings who found Baby Jesus.  This is a day ofContinue reading “El Dia de los Reyes”

Beware of the Swanson Family Vacation

The thing with family vacations is that they are seldom as perfect as you plan them to be, but in the end they add a bunch of stuff to the memory vault that you will share forever – funny stuff and irritating stuff and crappy stuff and amazing stuff.  Stuff that only this particular groupContinue reading “Beware of the Swanson Family Vacation”

This feels like Christmas

Christmas looks very different here in Mexico.  I mean it physically looks different.  Having grown up in Saskatchewan my entire life, Christmas just comes with snow.   Christmas lights glitter against the frosty trees and fireplaces glow as a backdrop for our giant puzzles and games of scrabble.   I have spent the past few Christmases hereContinue reading “This feels like Christmas”

A First Christmas

I am sitting in my yard listening to 2 or 3 different types of music wrestle with one another before wafting over my wall – neighbors are clapping and singing along and I really just have to laugh.  In Canada the police would have been called long ago – here it is a typical SundayContinue reading “A First Christmas”