Cinco de Mayo… Huh???

It’s Cinco de Mayo – which means almost nothing here in Mexico unless you are living in the town of Puebla.  May 5th marks the Battle of Puebla but it is NOT Mexican Independence Day which many Canadians and Americans mistakenly think.   While you’ll be eating giant tacos and sipping giant tumblers of tequila whileContinue reading “Cinco de Mayo… Huh???”

We’re Padrinas mistaken for Celebrities

It’s the last week of school here in Banderas Bay and that means it’s Graduation season.  Just as it has in Canada, Graduation has spread to every level and we were invited to a Kindergarten (Kinder) grad as well as to a Sixth grade grad (Sexto).  We were honored to be included in both ofContinue reading “We’re Padrinas mistaken for Celebrities”

A Sick Baby & A Scared Mama

Imagine that you are a fifteen-year-old mom with a 5-month-old baby (a really cute baby).  Your grandma died 2 weeks ago in a nearby hospital – she had a harsh sounding cough which quickly developed into pneumonia and she was gone.  Now your baby has a bad cough.  You have no vehicle to get herContinue reading “A Sick Baby & A Scared Mama”

El Dia de los Reyes

On Friday we went with the children to the last fiesta of the Christmas season.  Here in Mexico, January 6th is known as El Dia De Los Reyes (3 Kings Day).  It is the last of the 12 days of Christmas and symbolizes the three Kings who found Baby Jesus.  This is a day ofContinue reading “El Dia de los Reyes”