Our First Party

Yesterday we had our first house party!  Well it wasn’t much of a party by Mexican standards –  no boom box, no piñata, no fireworks – but we did have guests at our house.  They were little, but still they were guests.   I’ve told you about the family from the small town of SanContinue reading “Our First Party”

A First Christmas

I am sitting in my yard listening to 2 or 3 different types of music wrestle with one another before wafting over my wall – neighbors are clapping and singing along and I really just have to laugh.  In Canada the police would have been called long ago – here it is a typical SundayContinue reading “A First Christmas”

Our First Week in a New Life

We have been here for 1 week now – and it has been a joyous combination of vacation, family reunion and settling in.  Having our children with us for the start of the adventure makes me feel like this is a place where we can all be happy, where we can gather together from timeContinue reading “Our First Week in a New Life”