Are We Happy?

Recently one of my friends emailed me to question whether we are really happy here.  Whether we are at peace.   Which made me realize that a LOT of my blog posts are about the crazy and difficult things that happen to us here.  Let’s face it – drama makes for better blog reading. But asContinue reading “Are We Happy?”

Should I help? How? How much?

My husband Grant has written some great thoughts about how to help people when you live in a place that can overwhelm you with need – a place like Mexico, a place like our neighborhood.   I think he nailed it!  What do you think? Sick of being asked for a handout every day? I wrestleContinue reading “Should I help? How? How much?”

My One Word for 2018

This country has stolen my heart – and when a heart becomes connected to a person or a place or a cause it means there is the potential for that heart to be broken.  To be busted wide open.   When you love something, it has the power to hurt you too and Mexico has broughtContinue reading “My One Word for 2018”

Who Cares if it’s a Square?

Today is Friday -the final day of our Monday, Wednesday, Friday English class schedule.   On each of those days we teach 3 classes to the children of Manos de Amor Casa Hogar.   These children are living at Casa Hogar because their parents or caregivers need a helping hand.  A few have no parents.  Many haveContinue reading “Who Cares if it’s a Square?”

Update – This week’s flyers

You thought I was exaggerating didn’t you?  Here are some pictures of the flyers delivered to our house in the last couple of days: On the truck windshield: On the car windshield right in front of the door: Taped to the garage door – directly beside the front door: Taped directly above the mailbox: StuckContinue reading “Update – This week’s flyers”

What I’ve Learned …. So Far….

It was 2 years ago this month that we rented our house and began our move here to Bucerias.  Last September we moved our first big load of belongings here and really settled in.  It is our Mexico Anniversary month.  We have survived all 4 seasons, celebrated all of the annual holidays, and embraced theContinue reading “What I’ve Learned …. So Far….”

Old Folks for the Win!

As we continue to settle into our daily lives here in Mexico, there are many familiar habits that have changed.  Some of these changes are good – some still need some adjustment.  We have grudgingly accepted that we cannot live as if we are on a perpetual vacation.  This is our life and it isContinue reading “Old Folks for the Win!”

Be Bold – Daniela is my ‘WHY’….

2017 is almost ½ over – unbelievable!  I told you about my words for the year “Be Bold”.  I have thought of those words often and they have given me courage many times.   I tend to analyze decisions – a lot – and I have convinced myself on many occasions to stop thinking so muchContinue reading “Be Bold – Daniela is my ‘WHY’….”

A Crappy Week? Or a Great Week?

No point lying – this week was difficult, with more bad situations than good.  Or at least that is how I felt at first.  Bad things always take more of our attention, more of our energy, more of our focus. If we’re not careful they will settle in our hearts and become larger than theyContinue reading “A Crappy Week? Or a Great Week?”