My Other Favorite Country

Not sure why, but for some reason I am happiest when I am hanging out with cute Spanish speaking children – and last week I was able to visit my other favorite group of kids in Cuba.  This was the 5th year I have taken a team of divers to train at a Sports schoolContinue reading “My Other Favorite Country”

Learning to Share

Today we were invited to help Veronica and some of the Manos de Amor children with a task they do 3 times a week. We have told Veronica to assign us tasks that will make her life easier and this is one she has chosen for us. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday she takes aContinue reading “Learning to Share”

Hashtag Where’s Jose?

It’s hard to believe we’ve only been back here in Bucerias for 4 days –  our feet have been moving since the airplane wheels hit the tarmac!  Friday was our re-entry day….. get the rental car, start unpacking the zillion suitcases, fill the fridge, meet the new baby that had been born to our neighborsContinue reading “Hashtag Where’s Jose?”

Not Better….Just Different

Because we have not completely wrapped up the zillions of details of our move south, we are back in Canada for three weeks to finish taxes, finish construction, and finish packing.  There are a lot of ‘finishes’ before you can truly experience new beginnings.  Last year when I met with a Career Coach Warren, he toldContinue reading “Not Better….Just Different”

Ready for Liftoff

We did it – we survived the last few weeks and we’re sitting at the airport waiting for our flight to be called.  It’s been a crazy ride. Our main task was to get the house we’re building done – it’s our financial plan for this new life.  It came down to the wire –Continue reading “Ready for Liftoff”

A Pig in a Suitcase

The countdown is ticking loudly and I am not as cool and prepared as I thought I would be.  In fact I am having reactions I would never have expected.  My heart has taken over and my brain is allowing it to happen.  I feel a bit betrayed really by my reasonable, practical self whichContinue reading “A Pig in a Suitcase”

Towels and Propane Make a Home

In August we nailed down our home for the upcoming year and I immediately began nesting in my head. I began to dream about how to turn the house into our home. It is a semi-furnished house and although the furniture isn’t exactly my style or favorite color, I’m grateful we don’t have to furnitureContinue reading “Towels and Propane Make a Home”