A Crappy Week? Or a Great Week?

No point lying – this week was difficult, with more bad situations than good.  Or at least that is how I felt at first.  Bad things always take more of our attention, more of our energy, more of our focus. If we’re not careful they will settle in our hearts and become larger than theyContinue reading “A Crappy Week? Or a Great Week?”

First Day Back

Here are some of the sights we saw on our first day back that reminded us why we love this place: Children of Manos de Amor – as we drove up the anthem started “Karen, Karen, Karen….” and children ran to the gate to greet us with big hugs and sloppy kisses.  Some jumped inContinue reading “First Day Back”

A New Job

Today was the start of a new volunteer role for me! Those of you who know me won’t exactly be surprised that I have dipped my toes into the management of my favorite organization here in Bucerias. A few weeks ago Veronica asked if I would join the Steering Committee of the Manos de AmorContinue reading “A New Job”

Learning to Share

Today we were invited to help Veronica and some of the Manos de Amor children with a task they do 3 times a week. We have told Veronica to assign us tasks that will make her life easier and this is one she has chosen for us. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday she takes aContinue reading “Learning to Share”

A Birthday Party

Last night we headed to San Vicente to deliver a birthday party for Mama Santana. I won’t tell you her age (okay it’s less than 40 but more than 38). She has a very full life. She has 7 children and 2 grandchildren – most live with her in her tiny one room house. SheContinue reading “A Birthday Party”

Hashtag Where’s Jose?

It’s hard to believe we’ve only been back here in Bucerias for 4 days –  our feet have been moving since the airplane wheels hit the tarmac!  Friday was our re-entry day….. get the rental car, start unpacking the zillion suitcases, fill the fridge, meet the new baby that had been born to our neighborsContinue reading “Hashtag Where’s Jose?”

Heading into the Mountains

Yesterday was another memorable day as we drove 2.5 hours up into the mountains to meet a new community and some sweet new people.               I find that my heart is very soft here and I cried lots of tears as I hugged young children and senior citizens.   We ateContinue reading “Heading into the Mountains”