Good Hombres

In spite of what Donald Trump has been spouting, we are finding the Mexican people we meet each day to be kind and helpful – good hombres and mujeres.  I admit our days crossing the border were a little uncomfortable and I am still a little unclear exactly what went down when we imported our tools and trailer.  In fact, we still haven’t been able to get the correct paperwork from our broker to actually get plates on our trailer.  We are patiently waiting for the package that was supposedly shipped from Nogales a number of days ago.  But the people we meet each day in our neighborhood are welcoming and helpful and a lost telephone reminded us of that this week.

On Tuesday we spent all afternoon at the beach in Nuevo Vallarta riding our boogie boards and eating chicken nachos, celebrating being back home after a quick business trip to Canada.   On the drive to the beach, we stopped to take pictures of the amazing purple vines that have bloomed in October.  From the airplane it looks like a purple blanket has been gently lowered on top of the other trees and vegetation.



After we got home and cooked a shrimp feast, Grant realized he couldn’t find his phone. We searched everywhere in the house and drove back to the beach.  No phone in sight.  The Security guard hadn’t seen it; the restaurant nearby was now closed.  We were pretty sure it was toast – forever lost or more likely sold. Slight panic set in.  I sent a text to the phone with my contact info – please call if you find this phone.

2 hours later I received the hoped for phone call – someone who speaks English had our phone – let’s meet at Chedraui parking lot in Valle Dorado in 20 minutes.  I was thrilled – but I was also nervous.  Valle Dorado is a bit rough – were they going to give us the phone or were we going to get shaken down?  It was now close to 10:00, kind of late for a parking lot rendezvous. We stopped at the bank to get some money to pay a reward and then went to the grocery store parking lot where we met some wonderfully kind people – a couple in their 30s or 40s and an older lady. Big hug from the younger lady as soon as I got out of the car. Another big hug. She said they had just seen the corner of the phone sticking out of the sand – the rest was buried. But she knew how important it must be to us.  Then the older lady got out of the back seat, rushed over to me for another hug and said “I really want to pray for you.” I said “Absolutely – we’ve been praying to find this phone and you’re the answer to our prayer”. She literally screamed with joy, grabbed me for more hugs and then prayed an awesome prayer for health and safety and blessing – in the middle of Chedraui parking lot.   Whatever you believe, I do believe in prayer, especially when it comes from the heart of a kind stranger just when I need it most! So Donald Trump has it all wrong – Mexicans are definitely ‘good hombres’ and I’m proud to be living on this side of his wall!